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Dr. Mark J. Powers: Liberty Gateway’s Chairman founded the company in 1980. With 30 plus years of futures industry experience he is recognized as one of the “founding fathers of financial futures.” He has been honored by Futures Magazine as an individual making a significant impact in shaping today’s futures industry. Dr. Powers’ alternative investment expertise include:
  • As a Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) executive, Dr. Powers was a principal economic architect of the CME’s 1971 launch of the International Monetary Market (IMM - cross-rate currency futures). The IMM launch heralded the creation of the financial futures market;
  • Chief Economist of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission;
  • Created one the of first multi-advisor managed futures funds pioneering the value of generating superior risk/return through manager risk diversification;
  • Director - Columbia University Center for the Study of Futures;
  • Four US futures exchange directorships and numerous industry committees;
  • International Managed Futures Industry Association’s 1994 Rose-Baratz Literary Achievement Award recipient. Dr. Powers’ literary accomplishments include;
    • Getting Started in Commodity Futures Trading (1983)
    • Inside the Financial Futures Markets w/ M. Castelino (1991)
    • Editor - The Journal of Futures Markets
    • Numerous Alternative Investment Articles
Dr. Powers holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, with a Minor in Law, from the University of Wisconsin.

James Powers is a Liberty Gateway principal and its Chief Operating Officer. He joined Liberty Gateway in 1996 and is responsible for client and manager relationship management. He has years of experience in alternative investment operations and leads Liberty Gateway’s portfolio accounting and administration functions. Prior to joining Liberty Gateway, Mr. Powers was a production supervisor with ISP-Sutton Labs.
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